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College Hostel

 KTM College offers hostel facilities only for the women students of the College. The hostel, established in 1995 was shifted to the new building erected with the fund (Rs. 4000000/-) sanctioned for the purpose by the UGC under the 11th plan. The building can accommodate 40 inmates and has rooms for recreation and reading.
Code of Conduct
• The women’s hostel is owned and managed by the KTM College management. Funds for hostel building were sanctioned by the UGC in the year 2012.
• It is mandatory for all the inmates of the hostel to follow the rules and regulations of the hostel.
• Disciplinary action may be taken against those who violate the rules & regulation.
• If the conduct of a hosteller is not satisfactory, the Principal and management has the right to dismiss her from the hostel without prior notice
• If it is found at later stages that the information furnished by the resident in his/her application is incorrect or that he/she is not meeting eligibility criteria for admission his/her admission to the hostel will be cancelled.
• The management reserves the right to add, amend or remove any part or whole of the aforesaid rules and regulation
• Admission to hostel is only for one academic year & it may be renewed after each academic year. For this the student concerned has to re-apply. Parent should be present at the time of admission & and readmission
• The admission & readmission will be done at the discretion of the management / principal.
• All the fees &charges should be paid at the time of admission.
• Hostel fee for each month should be remitted before the 5th succeeding month & the receipt should be collected and kept for future reference. In case of any dispute it should be produced along with the complaints.
• Each resident shall keep her room & parts of the building clean. Inmates have to be always well dressed in the premises.
• The inmate has to bring her own bedding, linen, bucket, Mug, plate, Tiffin box, toilet articles and other personal articles.
• Every inmate is responsible for her own personal belongings.
• Do not stick pictures, postures, or notice on the walls or scribble on furniture and walls.
• Sanitary pads/towels should be disposed off hygienically in the container provided for the purpose and not in any other place
• Sufficient water is supplied. Water wastage is prohibited. All inmate should finish their bathing and washing of cloths before 6 P M.
• Food shall be taken only in the dining room. Food will not be available after the time fixed for each meal. (Break fast 7.30 A M - 8.15A M, Lunch 01.30 PM -2.30 PM., supper 7.45 PM- 8.30 PM).
• Switch off the lights at 10 PM to 5 AM in rooms.
• For participating in any activities other than those of the College, inmates should get prior permission after submitting a written request to the warden.
• Inmates are not permitted to go out of the hostel campus before 8 AM and they should come back after the class. Nobody will be permitted to stay out of the hostel after 6PM.
• Only in emergency cases the students are permitted to go out of the hostel. In such situation they should get prior permission from the warden and should be recorded in the movement register kept by the watchman.
• Electronic equipments should not be used by the inmates in their rooms without prior permission of the warden.
• No political activities or union activities are allowed inside and the hostel premises.
• All students going for and returning after holidays should inform the warden well in advance about the time & date of arrival.
• Parents & the close relatives can visit the students only between 8AM and 6PM on holidays.