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Scholarship Cell

The scholarship cell of the college functions for assuring that all eligible students receive scholarships timely. The college intends to make the academic programmes of the institution more attractive by trying all students to receive one. As most of our students hail from financially poor background, any financial assistance is a sine qua non for the completion of the programmes they are enrolled in.The Scholarship cell makes it sure that all the students admitted to college have registered for their scholarships through the government portals. The Scholarship Cell also conducts orientation programmes on the different scholarships available to all the first semester students at the beginning of every academic year.
Established to serve the purpose of providing help to students for their higher studies. The Cell aims high to give ample amount ofhelp needed to the students through government grants, trust and foundation which provides various kinds of scholarships to students.


Dr. Muhammed Aslam E K Assistant Professor
Mrs. Saeeda KT Assistant Professor- Arabic