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Vision, Mission, Core Values

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of KTM College of Advanced Studies took inception in 2014 and it has become an integral part of the institution’s system ever since. Over the last six years, the IQAC has been instrumental in developing a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the college. It has also helped to evolve mechanisms and procedures for ensuring the objectives of the IQAC as envisaged by NAAC. IQAC’s contributions towards channelizing efforts and measures towards academic excellence are tremendous.
The IQAC of the College is responsible for coordinating all quality-related activities. It has developed an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication. The enhancement and integration of the various activities of the College are ensured by the IQAC. It has also developed effective mechanism for the adoption and dissemination of best practices.
Similarly, the IQAC has developed an effective feedback system which goes a long way in assessing the quality and efficacy of the teaching learning process of the institution.

IQAC Committee
1. Ubaidu Rahiman M, Principal in Charge(Chair person)
2. Dr. Muhammed Aslam. NK (coordinator, IQAC)
3. Dr. Muhammed Aslam. EK (Assistant coordinator, IQAC )
4. Dr. Rasheed Ahammed.P (Assistant coordinator, IQAC, Member of Syndicate, University of Calicut)
5. Dr. Abdul Rasheed PC (Assistant coordinator, IQAC)

6. Mr. Vakkod Moideen Kutty Faizy (Member, Managing Committee Representative)

7. Prof. Abdul Hameed P (Member, External Expert)

8. Mr. Salahudheen (Member, Industry Expert)

9. Dr. Riyas EK (Member Faculty)

10. Dr. Jiyas K (Member Faculty)

11. Mrs. Saeeda KT (Member Faculty)
12. Aboobacker. PU, (Member Faculty)

13. Mrs. Sreeja P (Member Representative from Society)

14. Mr. Abdul Razak KT (Member, Head Accountant)

15. Mr. Suhail E (Member, Librarian)

16. Mr. Abdul Salam Darimi (Member, Parent Representative)

17. Kumari Rashida Akbar PA (Memebr, Students Representative)

18. Dr. Abdul Raheem MK (Member, Alumni Representative)



To play an instrumental role in setting bench marks for assuring quality and sustaining maximum standard in the academic and administrative activities.


  • To set up quality benchmarks for the institution periodically.
  • To set an ideal academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching-learning and research in higher education institutions.
  • To encourage self-evaluation, accountability and innovations in higher education.
  • To direct all the activities of the institution towards the enhancement of the learner’s knowledge capacity and personality through values.
  • To arrange for regular interaction with the NAAC and preparation and submission of annual reports and self-study reports.


  • Contributing to National integration and development.
  • Bringing in quality and excellence in the academic activities.
  • Incorporation of IT and digital technology for enhancement of quality.
  • Inculcation of Values among Students.
  • Fostering cooperation and healthy competence among students.


Mr.Ubaidu Rahiman M Principal in Charge
Dr.Muhammed Aslam NK Associate Professor- Arabic
Assistant Cordinator
Dr.Muhammed Aslam EK Assistant Professor- Arabic
Assistant Co-ordinator
Dr.Rasheed Ahammed P Member of Syndicate, University of Calicut