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  • Guest Talk on "Small Scale Enterprises: The Financing Question"

    ED Club of KTM College of Advanced Studies conducts a special talk on 17th February 2022 on the topic "Small Scale Enterprises: The Financing Question" through the Google Meet platform. Mr. Noushad, deputy manager of Kerala Finacial Corporation will be the guest speaker.
  • International Arabic Seminar

    Department of Arabic, KTM College of Advanced Studies, conducts one- day international seminar on 11th March 2022 at KTM Convention centre. The honourable delegation under Her Highness Marayim Al- Khayr al- Sabah (Kuwait) and Dr. Fathima Igbaria (Denmark) will be attending the seminar. The detailed schedule of the program: www.ktmcollege.org/uploads/download/visit-schedule-of-foreign-delegation-23.pdf


  • M.A Arabic Duration : 4 Semesters
  • B.A - Afzal ul Ulama (Arabic) Duration : 6 Semesters
  • B.Com Duration : 6 Semesters
  • PRELIMINARY (AFZAL UL ULAMA) Duration : 2 Years
  • PhD in Arabic Duration : 5 Years
  • Certificate Program I (Offered by the College) Duration : 45 Hrs
  • Certificate Program II (Offered by the College) Duration : 30 Hrs
  • Add On Course I (Offered by the College) Duration : 40 Hrs
  • Certificate Program III Duration : 30 Hrs