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KTM College of Advanced Studies was selected as a centre of Additional Skill Acquisition Program in 2018. ASAP is a state government initiative launched in selected schools and colleges with the aim of addressing the issue of unemployment. Skill training to the selected students is given at two levels. At Level 1, ASAP imparts 300 hours of skill training to selected first year students (30 per batch, maximum 2 batches in an institution). Of this, 180 hours will be a foundation module comprising of Communication Skills and IT skills and the remaining 120 hours will be the module related to the skill sector chosen by the student.
Considering the demand of the majority of the students the ASAP centre of the College has opted for Fashion Designing for the first batch of students and Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator (BCBF) for the following batch.
The programs go a long way in equipping students with productive skills in addition to the pedagogic knowledge skills they acquire from the conventional courses.



Dr. Rasheed Ahammed P Associate Professor