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The college was founded by the late KT Manumusliar , the well-known scholar, author, social reformer and educationist. The deplorable educational state of his community, especially that of the orphans and destitute, galvanized the educationist and leader in Manumusliyar in to action. The formation of Darunnajath Islamic Centre, with personalities drawn from diverse fields of activities was the first step in this direction. The number of institutions which has come up in the subsequent years under DNIC, including KTM College of Advanced Studies, speak volumes about Mr Manumusliyar’s endearing commitment to the social and educational upliftment of the community and the overwhelming success of his educational mission.


  • M.A Arabic Duration : 4 Semesters
  • BCom Finance Duration : 6 Semesters
  • BA Arabic (A/U) Duration : 6 Semesters
  • PRELIMINARY (A/U) Duration : 2 Years
  • PhD in Arabic Duration : 3 Years
  • Certificate Program I (Offered by the College) Duration : 45 Hrs
  • Certificate Program II (Offered by the College) Duration : 30 Hrs
  • Add On Course I (Offered by the College) Duration : 40 Hrs
  • Certificate Program III Duration : 30 Hrs