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Clubs provide for students ways to be involved in the activities of the College totally and with full gusto. There are various clubs functioning in the College and students get themselves as members of the clubs according to their taste and interest. Some of the clubs functioning in the College are the following:

College Literary Club
The College Literary Club organises several programs with a view to honing the literary and artistic skills of the students. Elocution practice, literary workshops etc are a few of them.

Book Club
The college Book Club, which is functioning under the aegis of College Library, organises a number of programs in order to create and foster reading habit among students. Book Talk, ‘know the author’ etc are some of such programs launched by the Club.

Focuscom is the commerce club functioning under the auspices of the department of Commerce. The club organizes several programs to kindle interest in students in entrepreneurial activities and start ups. It also organizes lively discussions and debates upon pertinent topics concerning commerce and business.

Language Clubs
The department of Arabic, taking consideration of the keen interest evinced by the students of graduate programs has formed separate clubs for the freshers, sophomores and final year students namely Rayyan. Rihaam and Zumarrad respectively. These clubs bring out manuscript magazines and organize literary competitions and literary discussions.