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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of KTM College of Advanced Studies took inception in 2014 and it has become an integral part of the institution’s system ever since. Over the last six years, the IQAC has been instrumental in developing a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the college. It has also helped to evolve mechanisms and procedures for ensuring the objectives of the IQAC as envisaged by NAAC. IQAC’s contributions towards channelizing efforts and measures towards academic excellence are tremendous.
The IQAC of the College is responsible for coordinating all quality-related activities. It has developed an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication. The enhancement and integration of the various activities of the College are ensured by the IQAC. It has also developed effective mechanism for the adoption and dissemination of best practices.
Similarly, the IQAC has developed an effective feedback system which goes a long way in assessing the quality and efficacy of the teaching learning process of the institution.

Aims and Objectives
• To coordinate quality-related activities by evolving and developing an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication
• To integrate activities of the College in order to ensure adoption and dissemination of good practices.
• To create a robust feedback system in order to make the assessment of the efficacy of the teaching learning process.
• To prepare the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC guidelines.
• To coordinate programmes that aim at advancing the career prospects of faculty members.
• To organize special programmes for advanced learners and slow learners to suit their needs, motivate them and provide opportunities to explore options for growth.
• To integrate ICT and digital technology into the methodology of teaching.
• To organize workshops and seminars on IPR related themes and new knowledge creation.
• To devise strategies for making teaching more students centered by integrating problem solving methods, experiential and participatory learning methods into the methodology of teaching.
• To meticulously plan the academic program to be delivered over each academic year.  

IQAC Committee
1. 1 Prof. Abdul Majeed. K, Principal (Chair person)
2. Dr. Muhammed Aslam. NK (coordinator, IQAC)
3. Ubaidurahiman. M, (Dept. of English &Assistant coordinator, IQAC )
4. Dr. Muhammed Aslam. EK (Assistant coordinator, IQAC )
5. Dr. Rasheed Ahammed.P (Member, syndicate University of Calicut)
6. Muahammed Musthefa. K , (Chief Superintendent , Examination Board, University of Calicut)
7. Aboobacker. PU, (Dept. of Arabic)
8. Saeeda. KT (Dept. of Arabic)
9. Muhammed. (Dept. of Commerce)
10. Sri. Afsah (Dept. of Malayalam)
11. Sri. Vakod Moideen kutty faizy (Manager)
12. Husainar. M (Head Clerk)
13. Abdul Razak, KT (Clerk)
14. Suhail E (Librarian)
15. Subramanian. (Block member, Kalikavu)
16. Ajmal shair (Student Rep.)
17. Dr. Abdul Raheem. MK ( Alumni)
18. Moosa Master (Alumni)
19. Sulfeeker Ali, MD, Sulfi Associate (Nominee from Employers /Industrialists/Stakeholders.)
Analysis Report of Teachers on Curriculum 2015-20
Analysis Report of Alumni on Curriculum 2015-20
Analysis Report of Students on Curriculum 2015-20
Analysis Report of Employer on Curriculum 2015-20